Wild at Heart

Here is my current collection of wildlife. As with my collection of British Wildlife, I aim to add to this selection in time adding the Great Apes and monkeys, delicate gazelle and other antelope and whatever else comes my way. Perhaps a parrot or hummingbird or two. Who knows? And if you should want any particular wild creature immortalised in pencil, please drop me a line and we can discuss.


Meanwhile, most of these portraits will be available as prints or greetings cards, printed on demand.   Please contact me for further details.

©K. O'Neill

'Monarch' A Limited Edition print run of 150 taken from my original Pastel painting of the King of Beasts.

Young Tiger Portrait.jpg
©K. O'Neill

'Prince of The Forest' will be available as a print.


'Snow Queen'


Snow Leopard. Now available in Limited Edition prints. Contact me at the above email address to order your copy. Free postage to UK addresses.

© K. O'Neill
©K. O'Neill
Mountain Lion001.jpg
©K. O'Neill
The Watering Hole (Zebra)tif.jpg
© K. O'Neill