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Wild at Heart

Here is my current collection of wildlife. As with my collection of British Wildlife, I aim to add to this selection in time adding the Great Apes and monkeys, delicate gazelle and other antelope and whatever else comes my way. Perhaps a parrot or hummingbird or two. Who knows? And if you should want any particular wild creature immortalised in pencil, please drop me a line and we can discuss.


Meanwhile, most of these portraits will be available as prints or greetings cards, printed on demand.   Please contact me for further details.

©K. O'Neill

New Image coming this way very soon. Watch this space.

©K. O'Neill
© K. O'Neill
Emperor Penguin, Penguin, Penguin and chick, Penguin chick.

Emperor Penguin and Chick

Eurasian Lynx, Lynx, Wild Cat, European Wildlife.

Iberian Lynx

©K. O'Neill
©K. O'Neill

'Monarch' A Limited Edition print run of 150 taken from my original Pastel painting of the King of Beasts.

Lion, Lion Print, Pastel Pencil painting, African WIdllife.
© K. O'Neill

 'Snow Queen'


 Now available in Limited Edition print run of just 25. Almost as rare as the Snow Leopard itself. Contact me at the above email address to order your copy. Free postage to UK addresses.

Snow Leopard, Leopard, Snow Leopard print, Limited Edition Print.

'Prince of The Forest'

Tiger, Big Cat, Endangered Species.
Giraffe, Giraffe portrait. Wildlife Artist, Coloured pencil art.
Amur Leopard, Big Cat, Endangered Animal, Rare Big Cat.
Peacock, Male Peacock. Exotic Bird.
Zebra at Watering Hole, Zebra.
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