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Recently I had a request for a portrait of a bull, which has inspired me to draw more of these lovely animals.  So although there are only a couple of images here, and not yet a bull, I shall certainly be adding to my farmyard collection. 

But I'll not restrict myself to the animals we expect to see on a farm: cows, pigs etc. I shall expand this theme to include wildlife we might expect to see wandering through the fields, rabbits, mice, flowers and various insects.

Christmas Donkey and Robin, donkey, robin, christmas, snow ,christmas card, happy christmas


Jersey Cow, cow, brown cow, bovine hornes cow, cattle.jpg

'Buttercup'  Jersey Cow

Aberdeen Angus Heifer, heifer, young cow, calf, black cow, yellow ear tag

'Bluebell' a young Aberdeen Angus Heifer.

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