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Only a few horses on here at present, although I have a donkey in the stable and plan on adding more of these beautiful beasts to the menagerie.

If you would like a print of these (with the exception of 'Brandy'), or any drawings on my other pages, please get in touch and I can arrange that for you.

Drum Horse

© K. O'Neill 
The Queen's Drum Horse, Shire Horse, Drum Horse, Royal Horse, Heavy Horse, Big Red.
© K. O'Neill 
Grey Horse, Andalusian horse, Horse Portrait, Horse, Equine art, Pet portrait art, coloured pencil artist

                 The Dream
Original Coloured Pencil Drawing

Black Horse, Horse, equine portraits, pet portrait artist.

The Black Knight

Chestnut Horse in Silhouette20210726 copy.jpg
Bay Dressage Horse, Bay Horse, Horse Portrait
Grey Horse black mane
Black horse, galloping horse, horse, equine drawing.
Chestnut horse, horse, equine drawings equine portraits horse portraits, pet portraits, coloured pencil art, animal artist..
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