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Please contact me if you would like to commission a portrait of your cat.

Prices start from £190.00

Please visit my Prices and Commissions page for more information. or email me at

Tabby Kitten, tabby cat, kitten, cat, feline, animal drawing, animal art, pet, pet cat.

'I wonder'. This little kitten is entranced by something only she can see.

Handsome Mungo making his debut. This was a commission therefore not for sale.

cat, Maine Coon cat, ginger cat, pedigree cat. coloured pencil drawing drawing, pet cat.


tabby cat, taby, cat, long haired cat, Maine Coon X cat, feline, cat drawing, coloured pencil drawing, colored pencil cat. pet cat.

'Merlin' a truly magical Maine Coon x


British Blue Shorthair. cat, kitten, blue, british blue, cat, feline


'Tiddler A British Blue kitten

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