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British Wildlife Gallery

This is my collection of British Wildlife Portraits. In time I shall be adding to this album to include Badger, Otter, Hedgehogs, Vole, Hare, etc. These images will also be available as greetings cards and prints. If you would like to order any of these, please contact me for further details. I can also arrange for your chosen image to be printed on mugs, coasters, bags etc.


I also plan on adding more native birds and butterflies to this collection.  Please check back from time to time and see who has joined the gang.

All prints will have the watermark removed before dispatch

Hares, two hares, british wildlife, brown hares, pet portrait artist, coloured pencil art.

Love is in the Hare - Hand Embellished giclee print.   £75.00 

Fox, Ferns, Fungi,  Mushrooms, toadstools, ferns, Wildlife drawing, wildlife art

Ferns, Fox and Fungi. Original Coloured Pencil drawing £180.00

Red Squirrel on tree stump with ivy and moss20220915_07213008.jpg

Red Squirrel on tree trunk. Original coloured pencil drawing. £180.00

Fox, Wildlife, Watercolour and Pastel Painting

'Just Looking' Original Fox in Watercolour and  Pastels £180.00

Bee, Bumblebee, bumblebee on flower, bee on flower, allium flower, bee on allium flower.

The Improbable Bee
L.E Print. 


©K. O'Neill
Hare , brown hare, hare in cornflowers, hare in field, cornflowers, British wildlife, British wildflowers, Cornflower, cornflowers and grass.

Hare in  Cornflowers
Original Coloured Pencil Drawing £160.00

Barn Owl, British Wildlife, Owl, coloured pencil art, wildlife artist, pet portrait artist,
Barn Owl Original  Coloured Pencil Drawing. £150.00
©K. O'Neill
Fox, Fox cub, wild fox.British wildlife, coloured pencil artist, wildlife artist.
Pine-Marten, Pine Marten, British Wildlife, Wildlife artist, Coloured pencil art.
©K. O'Neill
Harvest Mice, Harvest Mouse, British wildlife, Harvest mice on wheat stalk, British Wildlife, Wildlife, Wildlife art.

'Tea for Two' Coloured pencil Print. £50.00

Horned Owl SOLD

Long Eared Owl, Owl, coloured pencil art, Wildlife artist, British Wildlife Artist, coloured pencil art. Animal art, Animal drawing Bird, Bird drawing
Harvest Mouse, British Wildlife, Harvest Mouse on wheat stalk. Wildlife artist
©K. O'Neill
Fawn, Baby deer, British Wildlife, British Wildlife artist
Squirrel, Red Squirrel, British Wildlife, Wildlife Artist, colouored pencil art, drawing, squirrel drawing, Wildlife art.
©K. O'Neill
Young deer, deer, Roe deer, British wildlife art, British Wildlife artist, coloured pencil art.

Horned Owl SOLD

rabbit, British Wildlife, Bunny, Bunny rabbit.
Robin, Holly, bird, British Wildlife Robin, Songbird.
Tortoishell Butterfly

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Kingfisher, British Bird, British Wildlife
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