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Hello and welcome. My name is Karen, and I am a full-time coloured pencil artist living and working in Shropshire, UK. 


Creating highly detailed, hand drawn coloured pencil portraits of animals and birds in coloured pencil is my passion. I have sold internationally to clients in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the UK. And have had my work published in Leisure Painter and The Artist magazines, and recently I was invited to contribute a full length tutorial to Ann Kulberg's DRAW Dogs book, and my contribution was the beautiful Miniature Dachshund you can see above.


I was also invited to contribute a tutorial to Carrie Lewis's CP Magic, a digital magazine for coloured pencil artists. For this I created a step by step tutorial of a Grevy's Zebra. This issue was released in July 2023.


My portrait of the Snow Leopard, entitled 'Snow Queen' has been published in Colored Pencil Magazine and is available as a Limited Edition print.  A run of only 25 was commissioned, so they are almost as rare as this beautiful cat itself.















'Love is in the Hare' was published in the October 2022 issue of Ann Kulberg's Color magazine. Prints are available Please contact me for details.























My portrait of 'Ava' was published in a collection in Ann Kulberg's Colored Pencil Magazine.  This was a commissioned piece and not available for sale


I love to explore the natural world with my coloured pencils, and as well as wildlife from all corners of the globe, I particularly enjoy drawing bespoke animal portraits, be they of a favourite wild animal or bird, or beloved pets, farmyard favourites or equines.


Working from your digital photographs you can commission a pet portrait. These make wonderful and deeply personal gifts for a loved one, or even a poignant memorial portrait of a pet who is no longer with us can bring comfort and a permanent reminder of a much loved and missed family pet.


Please get in touch using the email below. Or drop in to see me at Facebook or Instagram. Links below.

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